Nathan Tudor, El Campo Memorial Hospital CEO, Appointed to the Board of Directors for Texas Healthcare Trustees

Nathan Tudor, Chief Executive Officer of MidCoast Healthcare and El Campo Memorial Hospital, has been appointed to the prestigious position of CEO Representative on the Board of Directors for Texas Healthcare Trustees (THT). This significant appointment underscores Tudor’s leadership in representing El Campo Memorial Hospital and further solidifies his role as a champion for rural healthcare in Texas.

As the CEO Representative on the THT Board of Directors, Nathan Tudor held a unique and influential position, serving as the voice for CEOs across the state. This role, traditionally held by one CEO in Texas, allowed Tudor to leverage his expertise and advocate for the interests of MidCoast Healthcare and El Campo Memorial Hospital as Texas’ leading rural healthcare system.

Championing Rural Healthcare on a Statewide Level

Nathan Tudor’s representation of MidCoast Healthcare and El Campo Memorial Hospital on the THT Board of Directors allowed him to champion the unique needs and challenges faced by rural healthcare systems. His insights and dedication to improving healthcare accessibility in underserved areas resonated across the state.

A Visionary Advocate for El Campo Memorial Hospital

Tudor’s appointment as CEO Representative signifies his visionary leadership in steering El Campo Memorial Hospital towards excellence. His advocacy on the state board aimed to ensure that the specific requirements of rural healthcare were addressed, contributing to the overall advancement of healthcare in Texas.

About Texas Healthcare Trustees:
Texas Healthcare Trustees is a statewide association representing the governing boards of nonprofit hospitals and healthcare systems. THT provides resources and advocacy to support healthcare trustees in their crucial role of overseeing the governance of healthcare organizations.


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